See the latest Coalition cyber claims trends


Cyber attacks continue to dominate headlines and the threat landscape is constantly evolving. As part of Coalition’s commitment to protecting businesses, we invite you to read our latest insights on trends and critical risks that impact organizations of all sizes in our Coalition 2023 Cyber Claims Report.

We're proud to share this report to help brokers, businesses, and the entire cyber insurance industry keep pace with the ever-shifting cyber landscape. You’ll learn key events and trends, including:

  • Ransomware trends stabilized in 2022
  • Attackers exploited employees via easy-to-execute phishing attacks
  • Unresolved vulnerabilities and end-of-life software made organizations an easy target
  • Active Insurance continued to help protect organizations of all sizes

The report is free and a valuable resource to help you educate your clients.

Coalition has updated their methodology for claims reporting since this report was originally published. Please reference our 2023 Cyber Claims Report: Mid-year Update and those newer for data on claims frequency, severity, event types, and more.


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