2023 Cyber Claims Report: Mid-year Update

Get the latest on cyber risk and claims trends


Businesses are getting hit harder and more often with cyber attacks in 2023. Ransomware has come roaring back, financial fraud remains a mainstay of the threat actor economy, and third-party compromise continues to loom large. With any digital risk, the key is recognizing that it can’t be solved by passive means: Dynamic cyber risks require an active solution.

We’re excited to share our new data on the latest cyber risks and claims trends in our 2023 Cyber Claims Report: Mid-year Update. This report provides a firsthand look at the most current cyber threats and key trends that can impact your clients, including:

  • What contributed to the average ransomware claim exceeding $365,000
  • How Coalition used special tactics to recover millions of dollars in fraudulent wire transfers
  • Which popular email providers increase the likelihood of experiencing a cyber claim
  • Why Coalition policyholders experienced 64% fewer cyber claims than the industry average
  • How Coalition handled 52% of reported events at no cost to the policyholder

Learn how to advise your clients on these new and emerging risks and empower them to prioritize their cybersecurity posture.


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