2022 Cyber Claims Report: Mid-year Update


At Coalition, we have a unique view of cyber risks and claims experienced by our policyholders. On any given day, Coalition performs billions of security scans, sends hundreds of critical security alerts, investigates reported cyber incidents, and helps 160,000+ businesses navigate an increasingly fast-paced digital world.

In that spirit, we share our most up-to-date Claims Report to help all organizations understand the cyber threat landscape. Deepen your knowledge of the cyber landscape and key trends impacting your clients through this report by learning:

  • The latest trends and data on claims costs targeting organizations of all sizes
  • How ransom payments are starting to plateau, with Coalition helping negotiate ransoms down to a fraction of the initial demand from threat actors
  • Why Coalition policyholders experienced far fewer claims in the first half of 2022 compared to the rest of the industry as a result of our active approach to prevention and mitigation

Coalition has updated their methodology for claims reporting since this report was originally published. Please reference our 2023 Cyber Claims Report: Mid-year Update and those newer for data on claims frequency, severity, event types, and more.


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