H1 2021

Cyber Insurance Claims Report


The cyber attack landscape evolved significantly in 2021 with the emergence of new ransomware variants, the increasing dangers of supply chain attacks, and the continued risks of staying secure while working remotely.

At Coalition, we have a unique view into the cyber risks and claims experienced by our policyholders. On any given day Coalition performs billions of security scans, sends hundreds of critical security alerts, investigates reported cyber incidents, and helps our over 50,000 customers navigate an increasingly fast-paced digital world. In that spirit we share this report to help all organizations solve cyber risk.

In the H1 2021 Cyber Insurance Claims Report, you’ll receive:
  • An analysis of recent cyber trends, which includes an increase in attacks on small businesses (up 57%), an increase in average ransom demand (to an average of $1.2 million per claim), and more cases of funds transfer fraud (up 28%).

  • A comprehensive breakdown of the way threat actors monetize their crimes through ransomware and funds transfer fraud — plus the techniques and tactics used to execute these attacks.

  • Predictions from our in-house team of insurance, claims, and incident response experts on the future of cyber crime in 2021 and beyond.

Coalition has updated their methodology for claims reporting since this report was originally published. Please reference our 2023 Cyber Claims Report: Mid-year Update and those newer for data on claims frequency, severity, event types, and more.


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