Managed Detection and Response

A Security Leader’s Guide to Scaling Threat Detection & Response


In the face of a volatile threat landscape and reduced budgets, security teams face considerable pressure to keep their networks safe 24/7. Instead of trying to "do more with less," security leaders can scale their cyber operations without adding headcount with services like managed detection and response (MDR).

Our guide details the challenges defenders face in balancing threat mitigation with constrained resources and, more importantly, how many are overcoming them. Key insights from the guide include:

  • The difficulties of endpoint protection and defense amidst a constantly evolving threat landscape
  • How MDR augments in-house talent and provides round-the-clock protection
  • The return on investment and cost savings of MDR versus other approaches
  • How Coalition Security Services Managed Detection & Response (MDR) can provide affordable and scalable risk management

The report is a free resource to help businesses.


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