Cyber Threat Index 2023


Coalition is proud to present our first-ever Cyber Threat Index. This report includes insights on internet security, cyber risk, and security trends that organizations have faced over the last year and what they need to prepare for in 2023.

We’re sharing this critical information and our insights to help decision-makers in the information security community and insurtech sectors better understand the cyber risk landscape. Coalition’s data set includes internet scans of 5.2 billion IP addresses — an impressive number that comprises the entire IPv4 address space and relevant IPv6 addresses.

Deepen your knowledge of the cyber landscape and key trends by learning:

  • How vulnerabilities evolved in 2022 and will increase in 2023

  • Why organizations must prioritize patching the vulnerabilities that have the greatest chance of becoming an incident

  • How our unique Coalition Exploit Scoring System (CESS) helps us calculate the risk and impact of newly published vulnerabilities to optimize mitigation

  • Which industries are most vulnerable based on a sample of Coalition’s current cyber insurance policyholders

  • How threat actors' methods are evolving, with details on their most-used tactics and most-exploited technologies and services

Dive into the threat landscape by downloading your copy of the 2023 Coalition Cyber Threat Index now.


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